[reblog] weekly prompt for february 25th — anne a p a r t

As I’ve been telling folks lately, I’m spreading out a bit to try and get some fresh perspectives on writing and the writing community: some of it via Instagram, some of it via Twitter, some of it with exploring Facebook (but mostly for referrals, rather than writing) — links for all other accounts are in the header, if you are interested.

But I didn’t post this to talk about me.

One of the writers I’ve enjoyed getting to know is Anne. I stumbled into her (or she stumbled into me) on Twitter a few weeks back. I think she’s got some good, practical ideas for prompts that, while I have yet to take on one of her challenges, I appreciate the thought she’s put into them. She includes explanations and examples of what she’s getting at, which I’ve actually found to be an atypical practice. If I actually get off my duff and revive Gloamfell this weekend, I’ll probably use the linked challenge below to get the ball rolling in the opening scene, as I envision it to be a scene that requires no small amount of suspense in order to work the way I intend for it to work.

Check out her site, tell her I sent you if you try out any of her prompts. Maybe I’ll even comment in the comments section next time I respond to her posts in the comments instead of the contact form I keep using on accident. //eyeroll for the village idiot who adopted a name implying he is carrion//

The King’s Guides gathered in the great hall. Some looked friendly, others seemed deep in thought. Liem could tell that the time had come to give up the throne. It was best to begin his new life while he was still alive. He took a breath and readied himself to answer the unspoken question…

weekly prompt for february 25th — anne a p a r t

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