Going social

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I’ve started up a “professional” Facebook page for anyone who has a FB account and would be interested in following me on that social media site. I promise not to plaster you with drivel and posts advertising my new book, as I hate those just as much as you do — but following me would lend me some cred and I would appreciate all follows.

You can find me at:

Michael Raven – Author (Facebook Page)

Thanks in advance.

[Edit: I’ll save all my drivel for WordPress, just so you know. You will, however, not have daily advertisements here; just drivel, poetry, fiction and the occasional song.]

4 thoughts on “Going social

  1. Don’t be afraid to share about your book, though, Michael. Personally, I don’t mind folks sharing their art and books. “They” (people who study such things) say a consumer needs to see something like five times or more until they purchase (haha- probably why I don’t sell any of my books!)… plus advertising here and there lets new followers know about something that maybe you did a while ago.

    Also, you should be proud of your work and let folks know that too. It doesn’t have to be a post a day talking up your book or whatever… but don’t disdain it.

    Think about this: do you despise authors who tell you about their books (or artists who share their art)?? Anyway. Just my two cents.

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    1. I’m not afraid of sharing it, but there is sharing a book in moderation — and sharing to a captive audience to the point of annoying overzealousness. No one really needs to be reminded multiple times a day, or even a week, that you are the author of a book, especially when your reach hasn’t significantly increased during that time.

      Like you, I don’t mind artists being proud of their work, whether it is visual art, written or music. And sharing it. But I don’t much care for it when advertising is the >only< thing they are producing on whatever platform they are using. I generally help promote people I like on other platforms, but not when they are saturating the platform on their own and never seem to have anything else to add to any conversation other than: "I'm an author, you know".

      I'm sure you sell more than you humbly suggest. 😉


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      1. I believe I have sold about six copies of each book.

        There is one author who shares his books exclusively but in the best most inappropriate way possible, and that’s Kent Wayne aka Dirty Scifi Buddha. Talk about giggles. Every post is about his books. I read the ads for his book series “Echo” to much delight. And in fact, it was the over the top ads that caused me to purchase and read the series, which is dynamite.

        But I’d say Kent is definitely one in a million in that regards. I follow some who mention their work every post… it has never bothered me personally.

        Everyone is different though and has different tastes. I was merely saying, don’t do a disservice to your craft by never telling anyone.

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