serpent’s kiss/

©2022 Michael Raven

so hard to
break these fetters
ropes and chains
unable to escape
this coil
shaking with each
serpent's kiss
splashing in eyes

While I don’t usually offer explanations, I feel one is in order today…

There is “impending and imminent doom” in the weather forecast, except that it might end up being just a dusting of snow. I have been dealing with a lot of angst around the household for the past 24 hrs because, unlike other school districts, ours is planning to go on with business as usual. As I feel is right, but there is much disagreement with dad today, along with hand-wringing.

I’ve been trying to just accept that there are challenges to everyday life and not give them quite so much emotional energy. This is a difficult goal when absolutely everyone else in the household (cats included) feel otherwise. At times, it makes me feel like I’m tied down in a dank cave, with a serpent dripping poison in my face (like a certain figure). Not that I’m quite so clever as that person, but I feel a parallel.

I just want to take each trial as it emerges instead of manufacturing new ones out of nothing substantial. Unfortunately, there is little agreement about the matter around here.

8 thoughts on “serpent’s kiss/

            1. Well. Then I would have comforted you too… and then told you to Go. To. Sleep. Stop thinking about all the painful and hard things and think on good things.

              (Apparently saying “baby bunny, baby bunny” over and over helps… or so I’ve been told.)

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