heaven is aching/

©2022 Michael Raven

i wish it made sense
this plagued inner eye
desert dust devils twisting in
ash thread-clutching black
tumbling me
rag doll & boneless
these headache soulache games
pregnant with rot

is this
mere mockery
or amethyst shard eyes?
stumblestagger back
into pits perfumed with rosewater
sanguine red bliss
cigarette kiss
whiskey on honeytongue
& this...

give me nightshade mirrors
not arms
to wield pale
give me nightgaunts bone
& ragged steel kiss
heaven is aching
i need

2 thoughts on “heaven is aching/

  1. This is about as powerful as it gets. If I’m reading this right it speaks of the line between depression and (for want of a better word) ‘normality’: periods of flay ‘normality’ cry out for the creation/destruction of depression.
    Great poem, Michael.

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