Can’t complain

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Lazy day today. I almost feel guilty, but don’t.

I even slept in until past 7am for the first time in ages. How decadent!

It wasn’t all fun and games — I did indeed sleep in until that late in the morning after a mostly uninterrupted night of sleep, which is unheard of around these places. First, if I sleep past 6am most days, it is one for the record book. I am not a morning person, but my internal alarm goes off early — I’ve been getting up at absurd morning hours since the mid-90s. Not because I want to, but circumstances dictated I must, either for jobs or for kids or for both. Often, my insomnia wakes me up closer to 3am, and I fitfully pretend to slumber until around 4.30am, when I finally throw in the hat and get up.

Interrupted sleep is likewise unheard of in my life. Cats, kids, neighbors, deep thoughts, depression, worry, stress, things that go bump in the night… there are tons of reasons why I am woken up, or wake myself up. Even on my trip, when I had none of the external triggers to wake me up, I woke up frequently.

But not last night. Weird dreams aside, I actually slept for the first time in ages. If I hadn’t certain commitments that needed to be met, I might have just slept until much later.

Occasionally, I allow myself a day of just horsing around. Today was mostly that after about 1pm, after all the other commitments were met. I went and bought the PS4 game Horizon Forbidden West, sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, because I tend to like exploratory RPG-lite games and it was released yesterday. It’s a lush post-apocalyptic, as opposed to the crapsack-apocalyptic kind of game, so everything is green, even if machines are trying to kill you every direction you turn.

Some of the reviewers had some very odd complaints, and honestly…

While I am only just past the prologue and the opening credits (which take several hours to get through when you are an OCD collector of crafting items), I am quite enjoying it and have to disagree with the “more of the same, but different” reviews. Sure, some of the gameplay is similar, but they do improve on the formula in a number of ways, including utilizing the speaker in the PS4 controller to add depth to the soundscape — something other games have played with, but this is implemented pretty heavily and it mostly works. The graphics and colors are more vibrant and, while there is some getting used to the controller feel for me still, the additions make it worth having to relearn all of the controls.

And some of the player criticisms about silly things like “OMFG, she has a beard” (it’s realistic looking peach fuzz that many women get) just are hardly worth talking about. The character models are well done and some of the uncanny valley is fading away.

So I played that until just about an hour ago and sat around eating carry-out pizza and I might just go to bed early tonight too.

Can’t complain.

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