Witches’ Rave // Jeff Buckley

From the posthumous album “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk” after is accidental death by drowning. While I’m all for his rendition of “Hallelujah” (one of my favorite covers), I think that this album would have been even better than anything else he’d done, if Jeff hadn’t died prematurely.

He was unhappy with how it was going, and may have axed more than a few of the songs if he had lived to see it completed — but I appreciate how his mother insisted that they didn’t pretty up the tracks if Sony wanted to release it. Essentially, the ultimatum was: release as is, or not at all.

I’d probably get along with her.

There are more catchy tracks on the album, but I was in the mood to share this particular one. “The Sky is a Landfill”, “Everybody Here Wants You”, and “Yard of Blonde Girls” is more to his earlier style of performing and liked more by the critics. But, screw critics.

8 thoughts on “Witches’ Rave // Jeff Buckley

  1. He certainly was a talent. I’m not sure, however, that his death was accidental. There are several instances of artists appearing very positive and up outwardly who then commit suicide. I am inclined to think that he knew where the strong currents were, certain in the knowledge that he would not be able to resist them. Shoot me down in flames, but it’s just a feeling.
    Anyway, great tracks on this album.

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    1. 🔥🔥🔥
      Actually, I’m just going off the official explanation. I thought it seemed odd when I first read about it, but everyone was insistent at the time that it was purely an accident.

      Nevertheless, I think there was a ton of lost potential. I think he was just coming into his own by that time.

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