[Reblog] Nobody Reads — chrisnelson61

Chris and I keep surprising ourselves (or, I’m constantly surprised, anyway) and just how often we have something that comes up that one of us will say, “Hey, I remember that” and the other will respond with, “No way! I thought I was the only person who…”

All very odd for two people who have never met in real life, but only in the blogosphere.

It usually is shared music experiences but, not infrequently, we also share some thought processes as well. This is one of those posts/poems that had me bobbing my head in agreement.

Nobody really reads Anymore And I sit here with my pen And page Quartz-white and aching With the longing to be heard With the longing for the scratches Of life and love and pain To leave their trail  Like the snails who emerge To the freshness of the rain With a purpose and a will […]

Nobody Reads — chrisnelson61

3 thoughts on “[Reblog] Nobody Reads — chrisnelson61

  1. Yeah, it’s weird how a connection arises despite distance and the fact that we have never/will never meet. One positive about this whole blogging lark. Mind you there’s been alot of nonsense that I’ve waded through to find some like-minded souls.
    Cheers, Michael.

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    1. Never say never…

      Over the twenty plus years that I’ve been doing this blogging thing, I’ve run into my fair share of nonsense. Maybe more than my fair share… It usually results in my shutting things down but, for the large part, I like the folks I’m encountering in this iteration. Sure, there’s always a bit of nonsense here and there, but much less than that which I encountered in the early years.

      Then, again, I was mostly full of nonsense myself. Like attracts like, or so I hear. Except when it’s opposites that attract…

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