micropoetry from 10feb20

©2022 Michael Raven

Posted on social media on this date in the past.

this crystal day recalls
bunnymen esquimaux --
i'm counting the days
'til the ice turns green

And, bonus nostalgia from this day: I saw this old magazine advertisement for something I was never able to convince an adult to buy me, no matter how often I whined and pleaded each time it appeared in a comic or a magazine:

Yes, I read a lot of those kinds of comics and magazines growing up. And my mother wondered what compelled me to go goth…

3 thoughts on “micropoetry from 10feb20

    1. I’m looking forward to a change this year, as I am hoping to join an old HS friend as an apprentice as she gathers local plants for medicinal purposes. She has yet to agree to this, but I suspect she might appreciate the help and I am anxious to get out and (re)learn some of the old herbalist ways — and just get to get out of the house.

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