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Hmm. I am debating with myself on this one, dear reader. Do I post the following as my “contribution” to #vss365 tomorrow (the prompt is #brutal)? Or is it exhibiting poor taste to post this kind of content to Twitter? Also recall: I am limited to 280 characters, including spaces and tags.

UPDATE: I decided “to hell with it” and posted to twitter all the same.

Her kiss was #brutal, just like everything about her. He could taste blood from when her teeth tore at his lower lip as she pushed him against the brick wall in the alley & wrapped a nyloned leg around his, breathing into his ear, “Take me, now. Refuse? I become a ghost.”

7 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. It must be me, but I came from a world that knew less censorship than today. It is scary now how nothing can be said anymore. Critics and censors vomit there view, both right and left without regard to the damage they can cause. Does censors need to be censored? Maybe…

    Again it must be me… and the poem is very nice.

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    1. I try to be sensitive to others sensibilities, but I am having a harder time discerning what is acceptable these days.

      Maybe I’m just getting too old. For instance, I feel like I need to apologize for appreciating belly dancing and burlesque (I once had an idea to bring a cabaret show to a coffee shop, but couldn’t find enough interested performers at the time). Now, I wonder if it would be received well at all except as something underground.

      I have a better sense of Twitter since I wrote this post, but I still tend to censor myself on social media, preferring to save it for this site instead.


  2. I can understand that, I will probably appear unsensitive, and I may be, but I found that people are making more and more a fuss to anything and nothing…

    An exemple… people take on themselves to wear a yellow star on them.. for a false revendication of a no less false liberty… that, and the use of that symbol should bring indignation. It pass like nothing.

    On the other hand, a real tyrant drop real bombs on real innocents, and the same people argue, still there crying, that the liberal or democrate are facist.

    And after that, some says that “I” live in my own little fantasy 😅😂

    I tend to hate censorship… my family always tried to shut me up, discarding my thoughts or opinion. Today, I guess I still just try to bypass my tendency to fold and disappear in nothingness.

    Now having the courage to break havoc and just let flow… hmm I can’t say I don’t censor me way too much. Fact is I scrapped my WP blog because I could not take the pressure of peoples eyes.

    *ps: I may not make much sense, I am very sorry if Im boring. Insomnia can give me that kind of mood.

    Take care Micheal, and thank you for being there, it is nice to talk to you.

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    1. You make sense to me. And I agree with all of it. You’re not boring at all. 😘

      I used to pretty much say whatever was on my mind. Some would argue that I still do. But I have moderated myself because I got tired of the arguments in social media and elsewhere. And I made a decision to avoid controversial opinion pieces on the blog because I got tired of the fights there as well (I had another that I shut down because of the toxicity in opinion).

      But now people seem to be looking to pick a fight and it gets increasingly difficult to avoid them when more people than not seem hell-bent on finding something that offends them in anything you say — it seems to be the largest hobby people have these days: outrage.

      I just want to get along with people now.

      Thanks very much for your comments and being a friend ❤


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