vss365: #godforsaken

©2022 Michael Raven

By means of explanation: As I have mentioned, I am trying to dedicate even more time to writing now, and more than just poetry, brainfarts, and rune interpretation. This is, in part, related to my experiences and reflections while I visited Seattle and Portland in January. I want to return to delving deeper into writing more holistically.

The hashtag, #vss365, stands for “very short stories 365”, meaning that nanofiction (in my opinion, it is far shorter than microfiction) is written on a daily basis from a prompt provided on Twitter. The goal is to post some kind of story each day. The minimalist in my likes the idea, so I’ve decided to add #vss365 to my daily routine (for now, anyway) in much the same way as I write a runepoem each day.

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