[Reblog] Watchmaker — David Middleham (Dark Poet Society Blog)

It was pointed out tonight to me the Quill & Crow Publishing House to me as publisher who might produce content that I’d like to read, so I took a bit of a gander at their site to see what there was to see… I have to admit that I enjoyed all the poems I have read thus far on The Dark Poet Society Blog. I am more than willing to surrender to that particular assessment based on the blog alone, but I fully intend to read the online magazine issues they have published over the next few days, which include articles and short fiction.

A recent poem posted (as of two days ago), penned by David Middleham, is a perfect example of what you can expect to read on their site and I look forward to reading more as time goes on. The full poem can be found after the jump, but here is an excerpt:

Missing you becomes a habit
Faster than drug or elixir
Might find a way inside
This hollow carcass
Echoing still with your eulogy
So we come again
To the broken hearts and vows
Ever left burning
On the same pyre that died with you

Read Watchmaker, by David Middleham, in full at The Dark Poet Society.

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