Experimental me

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I’m going to experiment a bit here.

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

I find myself getting pulled back, kick and screaming, into the status quo after a few weeks of being free from such bondage. Okay — I wasn’t entirely free from those things, but I was more free than I had been for years. I wandered on a daily basis, a drifter in my own skin, heedless of plans and “needs” — eating when I wanted, going to bed when I was tired, deciding what seemed to be the right thing to do at the time the decision was made…

And that includes something else that occurs to me as well: writing.

Near the end of my trip, if you recall, I was given to writing via pen and paper, not writing as much as I might online (If it seemed at the time to be no less than before, I assure you, I was writing about 2-3 times as much privately, either in other edocs or on paper). It was one of those status quo shackles I was unlocking and shedding, the need to write using an electronic medium.

Once I got back to my home, I fell back into writing as I had before and I realized that I was missing something about the tactile experience of writing on paper.

Additionally, I was returning to writing for some wrong reasons, which I don’t particularly care to explore here. Some of that is personal stuff, but most of it was just plain hoity-toity nonsense.

So, although I’m not sure how successful I might be, I think I’m going to dial back some of the apparent writing (and surfing) and go back to what I was enjoying — the pen and paper experience. That, and if it ever decides to stop being brutally cold here, I plan to go back to wandering (and I may do so anyway, taking “field trips” to the skyway system in downtown Minneapolis to keep from freezing my ass off).

As part of that (not that anyone probably particularly cares), I also think I’ll be turning off my notifications with respect to feedback on WordPress, and limit how fast I find out about comments to the frequency of: when I log in. The main impact will be that I won’t be as responsive to comments as I have been (usually replying within the hour, if not quicker), so don’t be put out if my response takes a few hours — it’s nothing personal.

And while I will still be utilizing both Twitter and Instagram on occasion, I think I may dial back my presence on both services as well — although neither has been my go-to platform, by any stretch of the imagination.

Essentially, I want to get back into the “real world” living after what I experiences while on my vacation in Seattle and Portland.

We’ll see how it pans out, with the addictive personality type than I have.

2 thoughts on “Experimental me

  1. It is, for me, really all about the process (I rarely read back anything that I have written (although I admit to finding it a little hard to let go of it)) so I understand totally.
    I remember seeing about your skywalk system – very clever!

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    1. Skyways are essential in this weather. Another Minnesotan innovation (along with indoor malls).

      I rarely read my own writing after, except that the book necessitates such things. I may never want to read my own writing ever again…

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