Back online

©2022 Michael Raven

Back up on my internet after a very frustrating evening of being on hold. For some reason, callback options go directly to voicemail, so I have to sit on hold and listen to music I find annoying (at best) until someone answers.

The first attempt was me on hold for an hour to have it ring, then lose the connection. The second one was half an hour wait until I got a live person, and then their English was so horrible, they couldn’t spell my name correctly even when I spelled it out for them. Plus, they didn’t know what they were doing and swapping the phone number associated with the gateway to the new SIM card never actually happened. And then, she told me the PIN associated with my account I gave her was not valid (although it worked on Saturday just fine). She kept leaving off digits when she repeated it, so I suspect she was just not listening. Her unfortunate choice of names was “Mitzy”. Which, after not having internet service after her fiasco of an attempt to get me connected resulted in me calling her “Mitzy the Ditzy”.

I got in touch with someone else, without being on hold (I about shat my pants) who didn’t really know how to do this, but she stumbled on the manner of activating my SIM card on the new gateway and I went from zero service to full service. She thanked me for being patient and helping her figure out how to do what needed being done to get everything onboarded. Not ditzy.

A speed test during peak hours was promising for two reasons: not only was it faster and not glitchy compared to the previous gateway, but it didn’t crap out after running the speed test (and then a 8k video streamed). I suspect it runs warm, but I am preemptively buying a 150mm electronics cooling fan that I am going to put over the SOB to draw up the heat and get it away from the casing. I have a feeling that when we were experiencing drop-outs on the last gateway, it was due to overheating (turns out there are some complaints about these gateways occasionally overheating), and overheating is a surefire way to have problems with electronics. It is a worthwhile addition when I am getting two USB fans for $15, especially if I don’t have connectivity issues.

Because, honestly folks, I love the 5G gateway versus cable. Especially considering that it is half the cost and, when not overheating, giving me 4x the bandwidth with no data caps.

But I was ready to put my eyes out listening to what passes for music these days while I was on hold. Good gods, do I hate modern R&B (I like pre-90s R&B just fine). I don’t need to be on hold for anything for a very long time as far as I am concerned.

Except I need to get rid of Comcast and I’ve been putting that off for this very reason. Music on hold and high-pressure retention tactics.

But they can suck it. I hope this solves all of my internet problem for at least the next 5 years.

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