Back in time

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My internet got suddenly and unexpectedly reduced to what I can access on my mobile phone last night. I am used to being able to access the internet on a larger screen when the mood hits and I prefer to write via keyboard rather than touchscreen. Plus, some WordPress features are not available to the mobile versions.

I have been spending my spare time revisiting the world of Witcher 2 in conjunction with my rereading the books upon which the series and games are based. As I was reading the novels, I had some memories I wanted to relive from the earlier games, promoted by references to various characters that play a different role in the games than those portrayed in the show. Last night was one of those nights.

So I was annoyed when I received several complaints that had been happening more of late that the internet service was being glitchy and interrupted. I didn’t much want to kill my game to investigate, but felt compelled to go do the normal thing when the glitches happen, which is to reboot the 5G gateway. That usually fixes the issues when things get glitched.

Except… I had the red light of doom, indicating that there was still no connection in spite of rebooting several times.

Shutting down the game because I knew I’d need to focus, I read the messages and saw a scary error message. RFHW not functional. In other words, the 5G radio was not going to work for anything, which explained why the housing was hot enough to burn.

In other words, the gateway had lost its cool. Ha ha ha ha…

All of the typical troubleshooting one does in this situation did not work and I began to wonder if that had been the constant problem when the gateway had been acting funky.

Needless to say, i got to be on hold with the ISP for almost an hour to have the expected assessment: the gateway was fucked. They are sending me a replacement, but it will take a few days of dialing back how I interact with the internet in the meantime.

I know… Big gushing tears… Woe is Michael.

But it did necessitate some significant changes for me that are a pain. I can’t go to therapy on Monday because therapy is during the work day and I have to travel 18 miles each direction smack dab in the middle of my workday. No therapy unless I can reach them and get it changed to online therapy. And i have no PTO for work, so I need to go to the office instead of work from home to do my job.

My rune poems are a special block type that I use that use not available on mobile (nor is a good search for the rune images). So I had to modify how I go about those.

I’m waiting for the kids to complain about the lack of streaming. Even tracking the new gateway isn’t working as well because the webpage for a mobile telephone company is not designed for mobile and the tracking simply doesn’t want to work.

So I’m mostly back to the old days of scribbling in a notebook, something I’ve considered these recent weeks. And appealing, except that I don’t want to be forced to do things that way.

Being forced feels like a punishment.

I don’t like it.

4 thoughts on “Back in time

  1. What’s really scary is how much we come to rely on technology as it changes. Ours on recently moved to a flat (apartment) on the main street of our local town. Internet bloke turned up to connect him only to say that he couldn’t do it because the latest cables had not been laid. And this on a high street with shops etc! Son was not amused and ended up going with the second fastest provider. Just goes to show…

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    1. One would think they could face caught that at sign up. Eye roll.

      Some times I really hate house dependant I’ve gotten on the internet. And yet, I pushed hard for the latest and greatest, so the dependency is largely my fault.


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      1. On the other hand once one embraces technology one has little choice but to try and keep pace as companies continue to make ‘improvements’ to make older software (and indeed hardware) obsolete. Stuffed really!

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