Futhark update: dagaz and othala added

©2022 Michael Raven

I’ve revised my interpretations of dagaz (ᛞ) and othala (ᛟ) based on additional reference material, inner reflection, and meditation. Rune poems and other writing referencing these runes moving forward will use the revised interpretations.

This completes the final two of twenty-four runes associated with the Elder Futhark. The old interpretations I had created during November 2021 are now going to be archived as far as the main menu of this site is concerned, but are still viewable if you found my early exploration helpful for understanding runes.

Moving forward with this new format I have established, I think I can add more information to each page in a sensible manner thanks to a better organizational structure. As always, let me know if you have some information you think should be included in each page to make them more useful in the future.

If you wish to leave the equivalent of a “tip” and want to start your own collection of reference books on the runes, consider visiting the references page and purchasing one or more of the books listed there. As an Amazon Affiliate, I receive a percentage of sales at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase based on one of those links. Any revenue generated is primarily for the maintenance of the site (e.g., paying for server space and domain name). I refuse to include advertisements outside of the affiliate links on this webpage, so it is the only source of revenue for Sceadugenga. I thank you in advance for any purchases you make.

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