©2022 Michael Raven

i return a stranger
my skin drawn tight
& doesn't fit anymore
daydream somnambulism
edges blurring with
the passing of minutes
leaving tracers of faces
of people i thought i knew
but never do

i lost the gemstone
somewhere between then
& today, an event
that seems it should be 
noteworthy, although
although, why?
but i'm not angry
& the pain has now
slipped away

i don't want to talk
about it i want to talk
about wide-eyed wild
seething earthbound
orgasmic trembling shake
with skies in my head
& stone in my heart
& fire in my soul

that remains unbound by
words lost to the void
that finger touch what lies

consume me, burning
unstoppered, i am
with the hole in my head
my ear can hear the song
thrum thrum thrum
ghosting, laid fallow
i touch the wytchwood owl
i touch the raven stone

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