M // The Cure

Another melancholy overcast day. Hurry up and wait until tomorrow before going back to a story that somehow got hijacked along the way and is nothing like I’d sketched in outlines written on reams of cheap printer paper.

Hello image
Sing me a line from your favourite song
Twist and turn but you're trapped in the light
All the directions were wrong

You'll fall in love with somebody else tonight

Help yourself
But tell me the words before you fade away
You reveal all the secrets to remember the end
And escape someday

You'll fall in love with somebody else again tonight

Take a step
You move in time but it's always back
The reasons are clear
Your face is drawn and ready for the next attack

3 thoughts on “M // The Cure

  1. Great song. I really like the dparseness of this whole album – quite unlike anything else from the period I feel.
    On another note I hope that you have enjoyed your trip – I’ve enjoyed reading your updates!

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    1. Thanks Chris. I’m glad the updates were compelling enough to continue reading and it’s great to hear you enjoyed them.

      Seventeen Seconds and Faith are two of my favorite Cure albums; Pornography is the only one rating higher on my list and, sometimes, I’m wondering if Faith hasn’t really been my favorite all along.

      Like you, it’s the sparseness that I glom onto — much like I love Joy Division’s first album for that raw, seemingly underproduced sound (Martin put a lot of effort into making Unknown Pleasures seem so underproduced).

      Until recently, I thought this song was related to the movie M, until I found out that it was about Mary when her and Robert were going though a difficult period. Both interpretations make sense, but I suppose M probably better suits the latter interpretation.


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