Odyssey Day 5: Seattle, part 2

©2022 Michael Raven

I’m going to keep this update short because there isn’t much to report aside from I ended up taking the train back to the downtown area again as I considered how I want to transport the gifts and trinkets I’ve acquired since I’ve arrived here and decided to hit the military surplus to pick up a bag I saw there for just such a thing.

I hadn’t planned on going anywhere because it was supposed to pour rain until after noon, except that at 10.30, I saw something I hadn’t seen since Sunday. I think it was called sunlight — but it could have been aliens. One never knows.

The trip was largely uneventful — I picked up the rucksack I had seen and then I checked out the new vendors that set up stalls at Pikes, threw up at some of the prices they were asking for items that were interesting until I heard the cost. I grabbed an expensive panini for lunch and a Starbucks to wash it down before hopping back on the Link back to the neighborhood I am staying in.

Part of me is wishing I had gotten the earlier train to Portland. I think I’ve tapped out what I need to do here — there is a desire to reflect on what I am experiencing and it is hard to do so in someone else’s space and I am anxious to do so. I think I might be slightly allergic to something in the building too (maybe the neighborhood), as I’ll feel fine all day while I’m out and about until I come back, and then I get a sore throat that feels overly dry. Aside from eating or walking outdoors, I’ve been masked up my entire time (not at the apartment either). I wonder what it is, because if it was the dreaded covid, I would think it would hit me harder than this is hitting me, so I suspect it is something else.

I had a sudden suspicion as to the culprit, but we’ll see what happens when I get to Portland — if it clears up, I may have discovered a new allergy that will change significantly how I approach certain things moving forward in my life.

And that’s about it for my day — find something to eat, figure out logistics for tomorrow and get some sleep.

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