Burning Skies // Tones on Tail

Tones on Tails, Bauhaus spin-off band consisting of the roadie for Bauhaus and Daniel Ash, guitarist for Bauhaus. Each song is distinctly Tones on Tail sounding. Each song is distinctly different from the others.

This is one of their darker tunes, somewhat of a nightmarish dreamscape. While not as catchy as some of their more disco songs, I wish I had written it.

And the air was alive
With piercing sound and burning skies
The horror did me good
The magic was on my side

And hot and cold ideas
Were running onto your eyes
Your sinking grey eyes
She shook his head like so much meat
The horror did me good

7 responses to “Burning Skies // Tones on Tail”

    • It’s because of Happiness and Slender Fungus that I don’t forget them. Those two songs are associated with pivotal events, but I can see why other people might let the band slip.

      I think of Tones on Tail as a legal acid trip when you listen with good headphones… 🤣


  1. Thanks, Michael, I really enjoyed this. I have to say they are a band that passed me by – those days of scanning music papers and even word of mouth seem to have gone now that we are drowning in the Internet and it’s ceaseless flow of drivel – however I will see what I can find!

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