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It occurred to me that I am leaving town in a few days and I haven’t done anything aside from making sure I do indeed have a place to stay in Seattle, packing up anything non-electronic, and… that’s really all I’ve done.

I haven’t spent much time figuring out which apps are absolutely necessary to get around: transit systems in both cities are somewhat migrating to tap-and-go tech, but it (thankfully) doesn’t require an app, and my cousin has a spare card that I can charge will all-day passes that will get me around Seattle; boarding pass apps (comments suggest that these are atrociously bad, for both the airline and rail), but it turns out that I don’t need either I discovered today — the rail is already in PDF in my email box and I can get a mobile e-pass once I check in with the airline sent via email or text. I downloaded some transportation maps and then glanced at them to discover that I didn’t much care yet about how to get the places I vaguely have decided to visit in each city.

And… well… there isn’t much left except to add a few more pairs of socks to the carry-on and gather up my electronic toys, maybe download some movies or television shows to watch on the flight, and… yeah… doing this half-assed is actually kind of nice. No stress except I’m hoping there are no last-minute flight cancellations. I even have KN95 masks arriving today to wear on the flight instead of doubling up on disposables. I even remembered to take out my pocket knife and already put it somewhere I won’t be inclined to put it back in my pocket.

In the past, I’ve over-planned things, mostly because I was either travelling for work or because I was travelling with some kind of companion. Going solo, to stay (in Seattle) with someone who understands I don’t need or want a tour guide and entertainer, then in Portland with no one to answer to — an old classmate hasn’t responded, so that may change for an evening. But, honestly, he and I were never close and I think he liked the idea of spending a bit of time with me more than the reality of it. He was a street tough and I was a goth. After middle school we almost never spoke to each other.

So, my grand plans for Portland are to walk to my hotel, dump my stuff off, see what kind of kitchenette setup I really have, hit Whole foods a block away and get supplies for my stay. Then… where ever the world takes me until I leave. As far as I know, I might never leave the Pearl District. And that’s just fine.

Am I excited? I suppose that I am — I get to escape the deep-freeze, cats, family, and work for ten days. For the first time in about 15 years, I have no agenda, no plans, no one to answer to. Just me and wherever the day takes me.

That ought to make most people excited.

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