Mondlicht // Xmal Deutschland

Chris Kourakos had me reminiscing about my favorite era of music after posting this on his Twitter account this morning. Xmal are one of those bands that didn’t get nearly as much recognition outside of certain circles as they deserved, probably due to their insistence on singing in German.

I think I may have once posted “Sickle Moon” by them at one point on this blog, which was my gateway into their music. I bought the 7″ vinyl single for the song based on the cover art alone and was blown away by their sound. Unfortunately, I was poor AF and Xmal Deutschland were one of the casualties of that distinct lack of cash on hand to buy their albums (I had to be choosy as hell), along with a number of other similar-sounding bands like The March Violets and Clan of Xymox, other bands that only got a play when there was a copy of their album in stock at the used record store I worked at. Absolutely none of my friends cared for these bands (or Gene Loves Jezebel, This Mortal Coil, or Jesus and Mary Chain, as other examples), so there were no mix-tapes to be found… sadly. Secret: I was the one asked to make all the mix tapes for friends less daring than I.

Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
You whisper in the moonlight
Hug me
For the dark
Did you send me your light
Hug me
In the dark

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