Ooh, She Said // The Wonder Stuff

Feeling a bit Stuffie today.

My favorite moment from a show in Seattle was after the first couple of songs and Miles peering out over the audience, hand shielding his eyes from the glare of the stage lights, and declaring, “This has got to be the ugliest fucking audience we’ve ever played in front of.”

Multiple middle fingers shot up. Half of those middle fingers were attached to seething hatred for the insult. The other half of the flock wore smiles. In a sentence, you could tell who was there for the band and who was there to say they had seen the band.

Also: kicking myself in the ass for not buying a “Construction for the Modern Idiot” tour shirt, which simply had a bold, typewriter font rendition of the word “idiot” on the front. There are many times wearing that short would have saved me the effort of talking to certain types of people (hint: and that would be because they thought I was declaring myself an idiot and not bothered with me).

This is one of my fave deep-cuts that shows what magnificent songwriting bastards those lads were back in the late 80s. Catchy and earworms you to death.

Ooh she said
you she said
me I said
yes she said
Don't mess me around

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