Pale Empress // The Merry Thoughts

©2021 Michael Raven

I have absolutely no clue why The Merry Thoughts popped up in my head during my morning shower routine. They are basically a band with a very limited following (e.g., people like me who stumbled onto them in the 90s when someone at Tower Records in Seattle filed their first CD under Sisters of Mercy), and I would be honestly surprised if even moderately hardcore goths had ever heard of them.

I picked up said CD because I thought the record store employee was informing me this was one of Eldritch’s offshoot bands where he was trying to stick it to Warner Music in order to get out of his contract. As far as I can tell, it is more homage and has almost nothing to do with Andy aside from a mimicked sound. In some respects, these guys do the Sisters of Mercy sound (circa Floodland and the aural middle finger known as The Sisterhood) a little better than their muse.

Anyway, I was in the shower this morning and Pale Empress filled my head and now it has been foisted onto you.

Would you be my pale empress
My haven in the gale
Would you be my shelter strong
So, would you be my empress
So strong and yet so pale
Would you sing our, sing our
Sing our empire song

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