Mr. Jitters Comes Knocking

©2021 Michael Raven

I don’t recall being filled with anxiety on the levels I’ve felt over the past year or so. I think that I must have felt it at one time or another and that this can’t possibly be a new experience for me — that I somehow masked it from myself or called it something other than anxiety — but these experiences are becoming more frequent for me over recent months.

Call me Mr. Jitters.

Part of me thinks that it will all go away when I get out of my normal routine in about ten days. Part of me wonders if it isn’t a precursor to something more profound on the other side, or after I do leave. Regardless, I am both absolutely exhausted and, at the same time, wired like I’ve hit eight shots of espresso in a single gulp (I don’t recommend it; I was ill for the rest of the morning when I did it on a lark as a barista).

And I can’t put my finger on just why that might be the case.

I know I’ve mentioned this in a past post, but it is driving my thinking this morning and, rather than inundate you with an absurd little essay of around two-thousand words about something that you would probably care even less about, I thought I’d revisit this in the hopes that it would deflate the feeling a bit to get it out in the open.

It’s the itching feeling of doom in some form. Lose my job? The world goes to hell (well, that might arguably be an improvement on the state of things)? Civil war? Crashed plane? Drowning while Jell-O wrestling with a woman in a kiddie pool? I don’t KNOW.

Well, the last one seems highly unlikely — I don’t know that I’ve ever been invited to such a thing and if I had been, second thoughts must have creeped in and I was too drunk to recall the initial offer to wrestle in Jell-O — and I somehow doubt I’ll get any such offers in the near future. That said… I’m not sure what kinds of things they get into in Portland, so I suppose it is still a remote possibility.

[See — deflecting my anxiety already with dorky humor.]

I wish I could think of something solid to grasp onto, something to weigh me down and to take away this floaty, tense sensation that gives me all kinds of muscle spasms and makes me toss and turn at night.

Or maybe I just need to learn how to fly and leave all the shite behind.

Smiling while I sip my quad-shot expresso (I have learned since the eight-shot episode) while sitting in my business class seat in the skies over North Dakota. Looking at my invitation for some interpersonal wrestling…

10 thoughts on “Mr. Jitters Comes Knocking

  1. drowning while wrestling in a kiddie pool with a woman!LOL
    I think the feeling of uneasiness is normal especially right now. News cycle runs nonstop and there is always something horrible being smashed in your face. Sometimes I unplug and watch my old black and white movies and all of sudden a since a peace grows over me.

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    1. Hope springs eternal! I don’t know anyone who would offer to wrestle me in a kiddie pool, but I can always hope.

      I’ve largely shut down my news feed because of the noise and the tension it creates. It’s part of why I stick to WP for my reading entertainment. I just get tired of the infighting and the increasing feeling of just how absurd the world has gotten.

      I should go finally watch some of those old Akira Kurosawa movies I’ve been meaning to watch (or rewatch). Good idea.

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        1. Choosing which movie is making me anxious! What if I choose the wrong one!?!?!?

          Just kidding 😉

          I saw this meme with a group of people opening a door labelled 2022 with a long pole and I thought: “Oh shit! Don’t do it!”

          Have a good one, yourself. See you on the other side.

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