nothing special/

©2021 Michael Raven

perpetually confused, like
everyday zen, there is
nothing special to see in
this head, this place, just
ordinary mind, ticking over
time & thinking there ought
to be something to make
it right, to make it make it
pierce arrowthrough eyes
sunlit & shining, an orgasm
neck thrown back in ecstatic
bliss like a godhead kiss
if only the words could be
said in the right rhythm the
right SYL _ A _ BOWLS_
like a mage on agaric jack
flying reindeer brooms
in the full moon, her mandrake
kiss on dicks or vulva lips
tripping through the night
starred skies, your thighs
shaking tension-wise as
the release of water in worlds
burning out incandescent
flickersnapzap, leaving him
in the dark mayhem of

whispers like wisps fairy
light the night & they hear
that heart beat earth mother
fucker pounding in the loam
under neath that beat that beat
their heat

that is the glow that neveryday
zen more than alright mick
kiss that lovesick raze that
ordinary brain to the ground,

kiss me as if to kill me
make my heart run til
it bursts special in your


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