runepoem | 21 dec 2021

©2021 Michael Raven

bury me bury me
bury me deep
here are the new songs
spells sung to keep
flow with the waters
move like the sea
here are the new songs
bone dance with me
spirits of my ancestors
ghosts of my soul
stand with me, wights
make me whole

Special Note: This being winter solstice, I cast the runes with the intent of looking forward to the new year. Unlike my typical practice where I avoid divination, this particular drawing was intended to be divinatory in nature.

Note: For the purposes of these runepoems, I randomly select three runes and consider the meanings of each rune as I interpret and understand them based on a number of different resources, which may or may not be in alignment with accepted interpretations. I am a rune enthusiast, not an expert or scholar. These “runecasts” are not intended to be treated as divinatory, although there are elements of personal alchemy and shamanic practice in the crafting of each poem.

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