Housekeeping update | 14 dec 2021

©2021 Michael Raven

I’ve been busy behind the scenes here. If you use the WP Reader in-app or on the web, you might not be aware of the various changes being wrought on Sceadugenga. Some are visual; some are content-related. I’ve added headers so you can skim past the stuff that may not interest you.

Visual changes

I’ve made a number of visual changes to the site — leaving behind the standard blog look with the sidebar and going for more of the collage look and I’ve added some visual contrast without going towards the “goth black”. I hope that it works for people stopping by and doesn’t get too cluttered-looking, as it took forever to find a theme that really felt mostly right for who I am.

I also hope it looks a little more professional in preparation for actively promoting myself as a writer a little more than I have in the past. Please feel free to weigh in.

Part of that was adding more detail to my bio aside from “mostly harmless. not very interesting”. Comments on the new bio are encouraged.

I also think, in the name of giving the posts a cleaner look, I will start using “more” codes on the longer posts (like this one). Chances are, I won’t be adding them to the poems.

I’m also trying to promote other writers more, so I’ve added a “reblog” list of the last five reblog’s I’ve done in the footer widget area. Hopefully, that generates some increased traffic to those amazing writers I’ve encountered over time.


I’m still tweaking things, but some of the changes you may have missed include posting my first rune interpretation revision for fehu (ᚠ) with a new format for each individual rune page. While it may be impossible to get completely away from dualistic thinking with respect to runes, I still endeavor to avoid as many of the knotty issues of relativity and good/bad as I can as I redesign the interpretations and how they are presented. If you feel a word choice is too dualistic, please let me know and I will endeavor to correct the error (assuming I agree with your assessment and it is possible to do so).

The rune interpretation pages are being kept separate until I finish all twenty-four runes. At that point, I will plop the original pages under the archive page to avoid breaking links and to clean up the header menu for the site, only linking to the new format and goals. It may take me a few weeks to a full year — I have no intention of rushing this process. The main page for the runes will be at Revised Elder Futhark.

Part of those changes include adding a proposed pronunciation based on the references I have on hand. The voice you hear is yours truly. I am making that audio public domain so that other people who might want to download and use the recordings can without fear that I will come after them with takedown notices. Not that they would, but it’s the spirit of the matter.

Speaking of references, I have also moved the refences I use to inform me about runes and Northern Traditions to a separate page.

On reference page, I’ve added Amazon Affiliate links to that site rather than using more academic references. I try to limit the amount of advertising on the site, blocking auto-generated advertising content (it was one of the reasons I pay for the site instead of going for the free WordPress route), but it does cost some money to have such nice things like lack of advertisements, so I have reluctantly added these as inobtrusive sources of revenue.

I have no intention of wallpapering Sceadugenga with advertisements. The affiliate links will remain inobtrusive and only presented sparingly (such as on the reference page, or when I mention some kind of media that may be purchased from Amazon, such as a movie I love, such as Blade Runner). There may be an image associated with the affiliate link, but it is just as likely going to be a link-only referral.

If you are at all inclined to buy something you see here, please use the affiliate links so that I can generate a small amount of revenue at no additional cost to you. I have no illusions of quitting my day job — consider all affiliate clicks more as a “tip” to help defray the costs of paying for the site.

“Odyssey to the West”

I am still debating how to approach the upcoming trip I have planned starting January 2022. I am planning to use WP for all of my journaling about the 10-day trip, with some posts kept entirely private (for my eyes only), and roughly daily posts with all the depth of small-talk (which everyone can see).

There is a third option that I am considering as well: posting password-protected entries that certain people expressing interest in the trip can get access to. Those posts are planned to contain more content than the standard posts, with more photos and intimate, lesser-filtered thoughts, but with somewhat less intimacy than the private “dear diary” posts.

The problem is, just because I build it, is it a fantasy to think that anyone really wants to come?

Please comment below on this particular matter so I know if I should temper my enthusiasm for such things, or if there is genuine interest.


In general, my mental health has improved lately — I think a lot of it has to do with knowing I will be finally able to “get away” from the monotony of routine that seems to be the bane of my existence in a few short weeks. I can get lost in the world around me instead of feeling “fixed” in place and a ghost that wanders from one room to the next during a pandemic.

Or, it might have something to do with surrender. Without going too deep into things that never look right written down anyway, I’ve begun to really accept that some elements of my life are outside my control. I’ve known this for a while, but not really “grokked” it, y’ken? I have surrendered myself to the world at large and things will happen as they will — or they will not. Wyrd just is once we’ve set our threads, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to change the weave and you just have to surrender to the idea that you’ve done what you could and all you can do is wait.

My increased interest in runes has helped give me insights into my own personal alchemy. I am growing closer to the spirit world, but in a way that is less intimately tied to it, and so the emotional part of it now has a bit of a buffer, whereas things were unfiltered earlier this year. The runes, in their complex simplicity, have guided me to a different understanding about my doings, which is why might explain my obsession with them at this time. They have unlocked something for me that helps me stay more focused.

The kitten (who’s name was eventually decided would be “Sir Pixel of Blackthorn”, thereby capturing both names under consideration) Pixel, is a bit of a joy, but he’s more interested in other household members at the time, which is fine. I will accept his affection as he sees fit to give it.

Holidays? Let’s not even fucking open that Pandora’s Box. Criminy.

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    1. If I opt to do PWP detailed posts, I’ll include you.

      I have a page with a “sign up” sheet prepared, it just seems egotistical to post it live now that I’ve written it. I’m not sure many, if any, readers care that much to see more than café-chatter posts.


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