bindrune | 13 dec 2021

I’ve been exploring creating bindrunes. This one may exist elsewhere, but I came up with it independently. Unless it came through as a subconscious thing, it is an original.

I don’t know that I’m done with it yet, but there is already a lot there, some of it unintentional until I started looking at the creation closer.

I started with a single algiz and two raido (for my upcoming trip).

algiz (ᛉ): protective, connections to higher self

raido (ᚱ): to guide me and set me along the right path (doubled)

Then, I added a stem to mirror to algiz and “double” that up as well. And that might have been the end of it, but I now see that a number of other runes are present.

inguz (ᛜ): seed, rest, internal growth (x1)

kenaz (ᚲ): transformation, enlightenment (x2; alternately, x4 or x6)

sowilo (ᛋ): guidance, wholeness, sun (x2)

othala (ᛟ): legacy, lasting peace (x2)

thurisaz (ᚦ): defense, protection, catalyst (x2)

gebo (ᚷ): gift, exchange, vision (x2)

tiwaz (ᛏ): sacrifice, justice (x2)

laguz (ᛚ): memory, dreams, water, unconscious (x4)

isa (ᛁ): stillness, self control, unity (x1)

nauthiz (ᚾ): understanding ørlǫg and wyrd, learning and opportunity (x4)

raido (ᚱ): with stem is now x4

algiz (ᛉ): with stem is now x2

In other words, there’s a lot going on here that came up as a result of me doing the initial mirrored raido combined with a single algiz. There are others that could potentially be represented, but I feel it is a bit of a stretch to do so.

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