Caturday tomorrow

©2021 Michael Raven

Well, as luck would have it, the snowpocalypse arrived the day before I am meant to get the new little kitten to add to the already vast number of cats we have. While I was meant to have some company on the trip, the fact that my parents had a potential secondary exposure to the coronavirus makes it so I will be doing this whole thing solo.

While everyone else is gnashing teeth and wringing hands about the snow, in reality we’ve only received about three inches of the white stuff and, about fifty miles in the direction I am going to pick up the kitten, nothing has reached the ground at all. The snow is scheduled to end around two a.m. (about 4-5 hours from the time of this post) and I’ll be damned if four inches of snow with diminishing amounts on a interstate freeway (likely plowed, salted, and bare by the time I leave at six a.m.) will keep this Minnesotan at home. I want to get this done, honestly. So I loaded up my phone with some audiobooks and some Heilung to celebrate my ticket procurement for their early autumn ritual/concert and I’ll enjoy either, or just the silence of driving by myself. In all honesty, small talk on the road drives my introverted self absolutely bonkers. Unfortunately, it never seems to have much depth when I have companions on the road, so the drive will probably be better for the silence or music (or audio book storytelling).

Names have been narrowed down to Thorn and Pixel for my little companion on the drive back. I think I’ll decide his name is the former if he mews all the way home and the latter if he is relatively quiet. The kids may disagree, but I’ll try on both for size all the same when I meet him.

Otherwise I’ll enjoy The Gunslinger for the umpteeth millionth time. Or Heilung. Or mewing.

In other news, visitor to the actual site will notice that I continue to make changes to the look. I’m still playing around with it, not sure if I like the current look or not. If anything seems borked, let me know.

My next step is to focus on a revised fehu (ᚠ) page. I have been doing some thinking on this rune and its meaning, but I still think it will take time to start to develop an alternative to the runestave/myrkur dichotomy out there. Still, it is on my mind and I intend to get to writing it soon.

Off to prepare for bed and the drive… Goodnight.

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