Heilung PSA

Heilung is coming BACK to the USA and will be coming to my town this time.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “Heilung PSA

  1. Not heard of them but Google makes them sound like they are worth s listen.
    I’m well chuffed at the moment as I’ve just got tickets to see The Cure next year. Even better is that they are being supported by The Twilight Sad (Scotland’s finest band)!

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    1. Congrats! I’m jealous, especially if the Cure are doing one of their retrospective tours (Faith/Pornography/Disintegration). I haven’t followed their tour details, but chances are, if they don’t bypass us entirely, they will play an arena show, which would be a significant downgrade from my experiences “back in the day”.

      I like the idea of his Heilung does a gig as a ritual performance. If you check out the Lifa video, which is concert footage, you’ll see what I mean.

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      1. The tour is Europe (44 dates) so who knows if they’ll add the States later? I’m not a fan of huge arenas (alot of ‘big’ bands over here either do festivals or football stadiums) so I’m pleased that the venue they are playing has a maximum capacity of 15 000. I like the idea of a retrospective though.
        I will check the video out. I’ve listened to ‘Futha’ and I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Might take some adjusting to but always good to listen to something new. Cheers.

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        1. It’s possible. I’ll keep my ear out, although I just barfed a little at the price I just paid for a Heilung ticket. I remember when you could get tickets for a tenth the cost at the door…

          But I’ll keep an eye out — I’d love to see the Cure again, but only if they at least were rumored to play a few of the older songs (I haven’t cared for much since Disintegration).

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          1. Tell me about it! We have kept most of the tickets from gigs over the years (not even easy to get those now as so many places want you to get e-tickets – what ever happened to queuing for hours at the venue to get a ticket?), which I perhaps little sad, but how the prices have gone up is scary!
            Faith & Pornography as entire albums for me, although there are good tracks throughout their career, and the last couple were pretty solid.

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