in the wind-driven snow/

©2021 Michael Raven

the snow falls &
i dream of you
hair white with the flakes
sparkling in the night 
you reach out a hand
teasing with that
sideways smile
with laugh & embrace
we tumble
get cold
there is a hearth at home
filled with fire
who cares about cold
on nights like this?

we make our own fire
this night
snow falling in the
sickle moon scything
across stars

eyes burning, desire
the moist chill of the
ocean unable to 
quench the flame
i saw you standing there
ice-cut rocks
towering overhead

i whisper your name
did it begin is an "s"?
or was that snow
sliding over snow
behind us?

sleep now
sleep now
my kiss
my beloved
in a dream

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