[Reblog] Firsts, Lovers, and Loves — Alphabet Ravine

I meant to share this a week ago and somehow got distracted from doing so. Shame on me.

Mention myrrh and you have my attention. I have a thing about the smell of myrrh, even though I can’t seem to find anything resembling the essential oil I purchased from some new age shop 100 years or so ago that was my “cologne” until I couldn’t find the same stuff again. It was a scent that went well with my wearing a keffiyeh and a cascade of curls to the middle of my back. Anyway — trials and tribulations of finding the right scent aside, this piece mentions myrrh, which got my attention and set the initial hook, but the words continued to grab me and didn’t let me go until the end. Lovely stuff.

Full piece can be found after the jump.

I gave you compliments like flowers, poured my attention on you like frankincense and myrrh, stayed in your eyes like they were worth more than your crimes and awkwardness combined- I chose you, and I made you mine. So though I never loved you, I loved you first. You returned the favor like it’d been […]

Firsts, Lovers, and Loves — Alphabet Ravine

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