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I might not have been saying much, but I am still thinking about my upcoming trip. I’m concerned that omicron will somehow make it a not-happening kind of thing. Or the upcoming arrival of a new kitten might somehow derail the plans (I’m not sure how it might disrupt the plans, but no one has ever accused me of being an optimist). Or any other number of issues that might come up between now and then.

One of the things I was trying to convince myself I might do is do a mini travel blog while I was on my “adventure”. I was thinking: I should post on Sceadugenga, and then I thought that most of the regular visitors probably aren’t going to want to see a bunch of that kind of material here. Add to it that there are different levels of what I’m willing to share with people who might actually be interested in what I’m thinking during my travels. I don’t want to split up the site and have the travel posted elsewhere, but I wonder if that might not be better.

I think the compromise I will be doing is a pages scheme similar to my Elder Futhark interpretation subpages. My thought is that I could post a page for each day, or more, with this kind of schema:

  • Day X
    • PAGE > Mildly private thoughts (behind PW for select readers with copious amounts of photos and drivel that is less filtered, but filtered at least a little). May be a single page for the day, or multiple pages. Title scheme: “Travelogue, Day X: Seattle, Midday”
    • PAGE > Totally private thoughts (no access for nearly anyone, or possible anyone; tons of pictures and almost no filter). Likely to have multiple pages throughout the day as I infodump myself. Title scheme: “Diary, Day X: Seattle, Tom’s Coffee Garage Sucks and Capital Hill”
    • POST > Public thoughts (fewer pictures, behind a <more> tag except for a teaser paragraph and a photo to limit the real estate used on the page; moderately censored). Single page for each day. Title scheme: “Adventures in Purgatory, Day X, Seattle”

It may be that I only do the two forms of writing -> absolutely private and a public post. I don’t have an idea as to how interested anyone is in my more personalized thinking.

I had thought about using Instagram to host the photos, but I still can’t see the point of IG, especially when they make it difficult to embed, put into folders or manipulate the pictures at all aside from filters. And I can directly post images from my Google Photos account to WordPress instead of doing the upload/download game. I may reconsider that, but I was unimpressed with the Instagram methodology for handling those things. I know there are several of you who seem to like the platform, but the supposed benefits escape me.

But, yeah, I’m having thinks about the whole thing.

What would you prefer to see?

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