Collaborative music call out

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It feels weird to do a “call out”, but all this reminiscing about past musical projects over the past few weeks has me itching a bit to do some music with someone besides recording all by my lonesome. Distance does add a layer of difficulty, but I’m not sure that is much more than a perceived problem and quite possibly not a real problem.

Primarily, I am looking for someone with a decent singing voice and a talent for writing lyrics, but someone with other musical skills is welcome to ping me as well. Requirements as far as I am concerned are minimal:

If you are a singer, I would need a clean vocal recording at some point. Something without too much white noise and easy to normalize (louder is better, as long as there is no clipping). Pops and “ess” might be something I could engineer out, but less is better. Ideal would be something done with a digital audio workbench (DAW) along the lines of Raptor, Cakewalk, Reason, or the like. Second best would be Audacity (freeware), but I’ll take recordings off your phone if MP3/MP4/WAV/OGG or another standardized audio format, provided they are mostly “clean”. Because I can slice and dice my way to better timing during mastering and mixdown, even being perfectly on-beat is not required. I may ask for additional audio for overdubs/backup vocals (even if it is nominally the same, there are still slight imperfections and modifications made unless someone is highly trained — and even then). The main rule is you have to be a better vocalist than I am — if we’re both as awful as I am, I’m not sure there is a point to collaborating. I don’t want to embarrass either of us.

If you are a musician, I can work with similar arrangements, but some things are more difficult than others. For instance — it is easier to sequence the drums than it is to overdub something. The most ideal situation for another musician is to give me a file in Propellerhead Reason (one of those DAWs mentioned above), but I know not everyone uses it. I haven’t tried, but a .midi file may work as well for sequenced and keyboard material. The sound profile might be a tad different if sequenced, but I can try to match it to one of the virtual instruments I have on hand. If synthesized, knowing the wave-form profile might help with generating a similar sound. But I’m willing to try to slice and dice, and add post-effects prior to mixdown to clean up or modify the sound — even if recorded as an MP4 over a smart phone.

I fully realize I may get zero responses on this, but I thought I’d reach out in case one of you has a similar itch that needs to be scratched. I would love to do a remote band where the raw Reason files exchanged hands between a few musicians, but that seems like a pipe dream. I’ll settle for one or two songs with one or two other people.

Let me know in the comments or on my contact page if you are interested in trying to musically collaborate over the internet. Let me know your experience in working with digital recordings, what instruments you play (or vocals), and what method you intend to record on.

Additionally, if you are interested in doing a collaborative effort with spoken word, where I write some background music or ambient sounds (and you write the poetry and speak it), please let me know you are interested in that as well and give me an idea of what you have in mind.

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