Daughter of the bride of the son of shameless—

©2021 Michael Raven

You might be excused if you thought I was done with these absurd little “gifts” (note: “gift” in German is “poison”) I post, but I assure you, I am not entirely done.

Here is a side project I was pursuing back in 2005 that I called “Vaudeville”. All real instruments aside from the drums, which were sequenced or manipulated, hacked and sliced loops (I forget which). More proof that I probably shouldn’t sing, but I left it on the complete track — just to prove that fact.

Myrrh is not the first time I have used the title for a song. This, fortunately for you, is just a clip of the intro to the song and the only vocals you have to listen to is the pretentious talky bit at the beginning of the song. The song still sticks in my head, so I may go back and revisit the darned thing one of these days and record it properly. There is another section to the song that sounded almost middle eastern, but I’ll spare you because the singing was… eesh. Anyway, I don’t mind admitting that the initial guitar rift (before the rest of the instruments roll in) was lifted from “Rescue” by Echo and the Bunnymen. Shrug. I’m just admitting what many musicians refuse to admit. Anyway, the song was not the best lyrically or vocally, but I did like most of the instrumental bits (except for the bad few notes I hit on the guitar in the lead). I’d pick up the tempo a bit if I redid it, make it a bit snappier. Fun times for all.

Chrome, I hate to admit, has my vocals and there was no meaningful way to clip it to avoid such travesties of sound. It is another tune that, were I to re-record it, I would up the tempo a smidgen (5-15 BPM is my guess) and I would desperately seek out someone else to sing it). I’m not sure who my influence was on this one, although the lyrics were probably inspired by “Rust” my EotB. I was still well into my cups at this period, hanging on the precipice still before falling into utter alcoholism, so most of the thinking from this time period is vague. I vaguely recall thinking that I should have a cyberpunk dystopic feel to the lyrics.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tidbit — if only to wince and laugh.

4 thoughts on “Daughter of the bride of the son of shameless—

  1. I quite enjoyed these – took me back to the dark days of the early eighties! I don’t think that your voice is too bad…as a neighbour once said to a band mate of mind (about me) ‘I don’t mind the guitar, but tell him to stop singing’!

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    1. LOL. I suppose it really was me trying to capture that early 80s sound (e.g. Clan of Xymox, Joy Division, Fall, etc.).

      The vocals are the better of the two songs I unearthed. Myrrh is very cringe worthy, as I think I tried to emulate Eldritch or Curtis and.. failed. Off key.

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