26 Nov / Vignette

©2019-2021 Michael Raven

She stared at nothing really.

All there was to look at was the Mississippi, already lazy and dancing with slothful eddies and slumbering slipstream. There were the myriad lights flickering in both skylines and mirrored in dark waters. The chill brought goosebumps to her naked arms and I found myself entranced in the perfume of the city in spring, and in her profile.

I could have asked what she saw, but it was the wrong question, the wrong time, all din and dissonance for the asking.

Instead, I let the dream flow like the river before us, unhurried and unblemished by motives.

I originally posted this on social media two years ago today. I made a few minor edits prior to posting here today, but the original piece is 99.5% intact. I had tagged it #MostlyDreck.

Photo by Tom Conway on Unsplash

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