rune trios: laguz | tiwaz | eihwaz

©2021 Michael Raven

ocean waters call to me
with the raucous laughter of
trickster cousins teasing
life, death, rebirth?
all nonsense they insist
be honest now --
there is only feasting, play
the wind under your wings


“Lake”/”Water”/”The Unconscious”; Sound: “L” as in “lake”

Subconscious, memory, dreams, water, guidance through difficulty, testing, journey by or to water, inner flow/wellsprings, tidal synergy

Murk: fear, depression, avoidance, toxicity, poison, emotional blackmail, blockages, perils, internal difficulties


“Tyr” (the god)/”The Warrior”; Sound: “T” as in “Tuesday”

Justice, faith and loyalty, principled action, honesty, self-sacrifice, balance, chaos comes to order, opposition that must be faced with courage, higher causes, tenacity

Murk: injustice, imbalance, mendacity, zealous behavior, disloyalty, futile battle, misapplication of warrior energy


“Yew”/”Transition”; Sound: “I”, “E”, or “Y” as in “tip”, “tree”, and “yew”; Alternate name: “Ihwaz”

Mysteries of life/death, liberation from fear of death, recalling past lives, vision, ancestors, shamanic ecstasy, near death experiences, cycle of life/death/renewal, threshold, continuity

Murk: confusion, breaking cycles, weakness

Argument: Ever evolving this process, I have decided that three is a sacred number for runes (as is nine) and have expanded the number of runes to include in my exploration. Please do not confuse this for a wyrd reading, there is no divination implied in these rune explorations. However, there is always shamanic and internal alchemy being explored.

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