Rune interpretations

©2021 Michael Raven

I’ve been working at cleaning up future posts where I use elder futhark runes to drive personal reflection and poetry to make things more readable for the casual visitor. While I find it useful to give my personal interpretations of each of the rune’s significance, I realize that there are a great number of people who might care less about such things and, for them, the post takes up too much real estate with definitions — especially when the same runes make appearances close together.

Add to it the fact that my understanding is constantly evolving with respect to the meaning of runes, and not all of that understanding is consistent with the various resources I have used to come to those conclusions. Add I am regularly updating the interpreted meanings to reflect the understanding I am gleaning from reading runes several times a day.

So, to better consolidate that information and have a single location at which I update as well as take out some of the chaff from those posts, I have started a subpage with even more children pages that I will reference to as I move forward. If you are one of those folks who is indeed interested in the meanings I have interpreted, you can follow the embedded links to those pages. Otherwise, each post will be greatly reduced in size to focus mostly on the poem inspired by the runes drawn for the day and the runes themselves.

The evolving database of personal interpretation can be found at the head of each page’s menu, or by following link to elder futhark rune interpretations. On that page, I list all of the runes arranged in order and by aett (clan). Where I have an online interpretation, there is a link in the gallery. If I have yet to write up an interpretation, there will not be a link.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in runelore, merely an enthusiast. I claim no expertise in interpreting these runes aside to list off some interpretations from a number of references, along with my own understandings derived from usage, dream, or information provide via shamanic journeying. My understanding may or may not be in agreement with the conventional interpretations of each rune. Use my “meanings” with a grain of salt — it would be better for you to do your own research, rather than rely on what I have written if runes hold some interest for you.

Photo by Geraldine Dukes on Pixabay

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