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I need an excuse to visit Twitter more often than I do. Kindly provide me with a reason by following me on Twitter @MichaelRaven_99. [I will follow most sincere follows back.]

I mostly neglect my Twitter account because I don’t have a reason to go and I’d like something different for a distraction than my real-name FB account, which often gets too tedious to visit. I’d much rather read something you writer-types have posted than see another cat meme. I shower people with hearts and retweets there [bribery].

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4 thoughts on “Needs(?)

    1. I’ll engage you more… As I said I need to get away from the pablum known as MetaFaceTumblr. Thanks for the shout-out, by the way.

      I just need something else to read for lighter material than what I see outside of WP.

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