rune trios: raidho | nauthiz | kenaz

©2021 Michael Raven

westwards to crest
the ninth wave
salt stinging scars
this, too, was writ

sharp beaks tear away
at the scrim
veil of my eyes
cutting through myrk
i see, now,
i see


“Ride”, journey, the path, justice, right direction, logic and rationality, inner compass, intuition, protection for travelers, initiating action

Murk: rigidity, crisis, restlessness, irrational thinking, obsession with control, inaction, straying from the path


“Necessity”, need, constraint, friction, “no pain, no gain”, hard work, understanding ørlǫg, self-reliance

Murk: toil, distress, guilt, ignoring personal needs, worry, laziness


“Torch”, knowledge, enlightenment, cunning, acquisition of knowledge, transformation, illumination, female occult secrets

Murk: disease, ignorance, lack of humility, arrogance, elitism

Argument: Ever evolving this process, I have decided that three is a sacred number for runes (as is nine) and have expanded the number of runes to include in my exploration. Please do not confuse this for a wyrd reading, there is no divination implied in these rune explorations. However, there is always shamanic and internal alchemy being explored.

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