rune trios: ansuz | pertho | raidho

©2021 Michael Raven

will o' wisps beckon
a heavy hand on my shoulder
breathing in my ear
with a whisper like gravel
your path, right now, is forward
i turn to see who speaks
seeing only black feathers
drift to the ground


“A god”, communication, meaning, breath, inspiration, transformation, word power, acquisition of wisdom, ecstatic experiences

Murk: misunderstandings, manipulation by others, bad advice, hypocrisy, foolishness


Literal meaning unknown, prophecy, chance, living with unknowns, perception of ørlǫg and wyrd, patterns, luck, play

Murk: psychological or emotional addictions, delusion, fantasy, ignoring signals, joylessness


“Ride”, journey, the path, justice, right direction, logic and rationality, inner compass, intuition, protection for travelers, initiating action

Murk: rigidity, crisis, restlessness, irrational thinking, obsession with control, inaction, straying from the path

Argument: Ever evolving this process, I have decided that three is a sacred number for runes (as is nine) and have expanded the number of runes to include in my exploration. Please do not confuse this for a wyrd reading, there is no divination implied in these rune explorations. However, there is always shamanic and internal alchemy being explored.

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