rune trios: sowilo | tiwaz | hagalaz

©2021 Michael Raven

frozen needles pierce
my pink skin
sowing hard seeds within
i give my faith in
a rising sun cresting
to guide me to
balance, health and whole


“Sun”, guidance, revelation, the whole, action, life force, spiritual will, health

Murk: bad advice, misleading success, inaction, darkness, stagnation, fragmentation


“Tyr” (the god), justice, faith and loyalty, principles, honesty, self-sacrifice, balance, chaos comes to order

Murk: injustice, imbalance, mendacity, zealous behavior, disloyalty


“Hail”, change and growth for long term, inner harmony, correction, evolutionary progress, transformation, inevitability of wyrd

Murk: crisis, radical change, disruption, unavoidable trial, the shadow, discomfort, catastrophe

Argument: Ever evolving this process, I have decided that three is a sacred number for runes (as is nine) and have expanded the number of runes to include in my exploration. Please do not confuse this for a wyrd reading, there is no divination implied in these rune explorations. However, there is always shamanic and internal alchemy being explored.

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