rune trios: laguz | uruz | ansuz

©2021 Michael Raven

Argument: Every evolving this process, I have decided that three is a sacred number for runes (as is nine) and have expanded the number of runes to include in my exploration. Please do not confuse this for a wyrd reading, there is no divination implied in these rune explorations. However, there is always shamanic and internal alchemy being explored.

to be continuously tested
must be my wyrd
i have surrendered
to the old grey guy
though i never asked
for any of this
let him breathe
into me, transform
so i am healed
and strengthened
by his song

laguz: “lake”, subconscious, memory, dreams, water, guidance through difficulty, testing; murk: fear, depression, avoidance, toxicity, poison, emotional blackmail

uruz: “aurochs”, strength, tenacity, pragmatism, determination, stone-willed, life force, healing, endurance; murk: weakness, obsession, uncontrolled rage, sickness, brutality

ansuz: “a god”, communication, meaning, breath, inspiration, transformation, word power, acquisition of wisdom, ecstatic experiences; murk: misunderstandings, manipulation by others, bad advice, hypocrisy

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