rune pairs: algiz | pertho

©2021 Michael Raven

lifting the veil
from cloud-covered eyes
listening to messages
beyond all time
the web stretches out
embracing the unknowing
kissing the dice
before rolling...

algiz: “elk”, protection, divine plan, connections, awakenings, spirituality, fearlessness, listening, hidden danger, being tested, unlocking the higher self, communication with the other worlds

pertho: prophecy, chance, psychological or emotional addictions, delusion, fantasy, living with unknowns, perception of wyrd, patterns, luck, play

Note: There is no divinatory question being considered, but merely an investigation into the relationships the runes might suggest as they come together. For these exercises, I am starting now to consider the murkstave implications from the drawing, but focusing primarily on the core concepts. I am more intent on learning the primary meanings and making connections via wyrd at this time.

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