secret oktober | storm (part two)

©2021 Michael Raven

The next episode of secret oktober is live:

storm (part two)

The full episode list can be found at secret oktober. If you are new here, start at arrival, which is the first episode in this serialized novel.

For those who are new to the site or just passing through. I am participating in NaNoWriMo 2021.

My current word count is 5,207 out of a target 50,000 words to be written by the end of November. Today’s total word count brings me in alignment with the target of 5,001 words. Considering I didn’t write anything worth mentioning on the first day, I think I’ve done a decent job of catching up to where I need to be over the two days that I’ve been vigorously writing. Now I just need to keep up the pace and I might even finish early if I don’t lose steam or get distracted. Or… run out of plot.

The ending of the second part of storm opens up the door for me to be really cruel to the protagonists, which I fully intend to do. I’d write more, but I think I need to let the story percolate in my head a bit so I can find really good ways to torture those two wannabe lovebirds who are probably too caught up in WTF-ism than in kindling any kind of romance.

I don’t want to get too much into the ghost of a plot I have in mind, but the story is going in the general direction I had in mind when I first conceived of this whole mess. That said, I am already thinking about supplanting Drifter as a song influence with an even older Duran Duran song that was not always available on this side of the pond called To The Shore. I like the idea, mostly because Simon make so little sense in this song (as with many of his early lyrics) and there is the little tidbit of a word that, for all I know, no one has ever deciphered what a sanhedralite is supposed to be. Like Secret Oktober, both songs are wide open to interpretation, so I can borrow as I please and know that I’m at least as right as most people about what the lyrics mean. Lyrics follow:

When your nine day feed is up
And you've drained your loving cup
Come stands reeling to the shore
When the brave are coming out
The dry fight and the dusty shout
See you crawling on the floor
And diamond stars shine glitter bright
Gorging your sanhedralite
Words are falling to the floor
Glands stand pouring fruit tree
Now they glisten on the waterline
See how you are at the shore
I'm moving Chrissie pretty flowers in the shutter maze
Haul up all your petty desires
Leave them lying down before
Wash away the rusty disease
Of your brown town days in our silver sea
Leave it dying at the door
Feather yellow your time to leave
Open out your arms and breathe

     -- Simon LeBon (To The Shore)
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