Submerged — The Lexicon [reblog]

It is no secret that I admire Lauren’s poetry and style, so you are apt as not to run into the occasional reblog of a piece of hers here over time. She’s been influential on a few of the pieces I’ve written since I first encountered her work, and I hope she sees it more as homage than theft.

Not only was this piece good, however, but she wrote two within a few hours that grabbed me — so when you follow the link below (you need to see the original format to appreciate her style, so click on it), make sure you check out her piece posted a few hours later as well, named Strange Weather as well.

A red-backed salamander     I found twirled in dust                     trapped                                 writhing                     hanging  &                                 suspended                                     [ in my hair ]            reminded me/ […]

Submerged — The Lexicon

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