Coming, erm, going soon…

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I’ve culled out most of the potential destinations I had considered when I started planning out my little “jaunt” starting about a week ago. I can’t go to places I’d consider “ideal” for one reason or another — mostly for the reason I am not allowing myself the budget to, say, spend a month in the Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh, or to spend several weeks in the Scandinavian countries seeking out heritage sites and ruins — but I have narrowed it down to trips that seem “interesting”, if not the dream ideal.

Candidates include: traveling via rail on a circuit that follows the Minneapolis – Seattle – San Francisco – Reno – Chicago – Minneapolis route; a jaunt to Reykjavik, Iceland; and, a jaunt to Helsinki, Finland (to pester a certain mouse). None of these destinations are “awesome” winter destinations (with the exception, perhaps, of my very short stays in the US Southwest, ~3 days total). Travel is being planned for this winter to spring 2022, as it currently stands.

I’m mostly going without expectations, or much in the way of plans, when I decide on a location. While I will bump into a number of folks I know (in Seattle, relatives; in Reno, an old friend; assuming that is the way I’ll go), I’m mostly going to be by myself and I am trying to think on how best to maximize the experience of aimlessness and disruption (which are the two main goals, really, and probably why a destination is difficult to make a decision on). But I feel like I should have a goal to aim for outside the primary goals of disconnecting (see post on quitting everything and joining up with the Inuit or Sami for the extend of how far I’d like to get out of my own head).

I’m looking for ideas for destination-neutral activities I should employ to immerse myself in where I end up.. I know… “Write” will be at the top of the list. Maybe even travel-blog, especially if on a train. I’ve never been one for touristy things, and that probably will take planning, which I hope to skimp on. Send me thoughts and ideas, keeping in mind that I plan to travel as light as possible (carry-on only). Activities for trains when I hit the boring stretches of scenery are also welcome things to have.

Send me your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Coming, erm, going soon…

  1. Train travel here is solid but expensive.
    My Finnish mother in law is all about the outdoors. If you come this way, you or I could pick her brain about travel in Finland. She has hit almost every national park in Finland and spends a few weeks each year in sami country.

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    • Thank you. I’ll consider it. I’m going to have to decide soon about what I plan to do.

      Hanging with the Sami is a pipe dream at my age. It would interesting, however, just to hear a different perspective of someone who knows the area, or from some of the actual people themselves.


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