Finding the unknowing

©2021 Michael Raven

I’m at one of those places (again) where I wish I was untethered so I could walk the nomad path and learn the ways of the wandering folk of the world.

Nothing romantic like the vagabond on the rails or the Romany caravan, but finding one of the few nomadic tribes in the arctic regions of the world, earning their trust and learning their ways — leaving the world as I know it behind. Learn what people like the Sami have to teach, arriving as an empty vessel, waiting to be filled to overflowing with a different way of life, unbound by the bondage that modern conveniences bring.

I would toss my smartphone into the ocean, lose electric bondage, overcome my distaste for dressing a kill. Hunt, gather, move together, learn the rhythms of the natural world and leave the rest behind like shedding a dry reptilian skin, sloughing the diseased mind of the “civilized” world behind and walking naked into the night.

Endlessly craving washed away with the brine of needling snow and day-weary bones of a town on the move. I crave to erase this empty space where the wind howls in my heart, that calling for something unfound.

I want to follow the trail of the dream, one step after another, through the tundra desert flowing before me.

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6 thoughts on “Finding the unknowing

    • I know you’ve done some of that already, and I envy your experience.

      Sometimes I weary of comfort, connectivity, and consistency. I often find myself craving the immediacy of the present moment over all other experiences of time. It’s part of what I hope to touch on with my travel plans — having only the slimmest of itineraries before I head out to wherever I decide upon going (e.g., City A on Tuesday, City B on Friday, wander in each place to see what I can find within walking distance).

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      • Comfort tends to dull the senses for sure. Connectivity is incredibly important for us, but it also depends WHAT we’re connected to. Some connections, as you know, are highly toxic or dangerous (not in a good way) or energy stealing just as some are energizing and helpful to growth. Consistency is another where I see it as both good but could lead to stagnation. I don’t know…

        I wish you well on your journeys… WHENEVER they will occur.

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