rune pairs: jera | othala

©2021 Michael Raven

tides ebb and flow:
though we seem to drown
time and again
wyrd is not merely
tempering steel --
it is ascension, too

jera: realization of the cyclic nature of the multiverse, patience, plenty, peace, “this too shall pass”

othala: inheritance, prosperity, freedom, home, paradise, utopia, contentment, harvest

Note: There is no divinatory question being considered, but merely an investigation into the relationships the runes might suggest as they come together. For these exercises, I am not considering the murkstave implications from the drawing, but focusing exclusively on the core concepts. At a later date I may consider the implications presented by a reversed rune — possibly when I start casting the runes in a more traditional way — but I am more intent on learning the primary meanings and making connections via wyrd at this time.

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