heolstor-hof [reblog: Old English Wordhord]

Always interesting words over at the Wordhord. This entry grabbed my attention (so did yesterday’s). Great site for picking up Old English tidbits, especially this Halloween week. If you dig that kind of thing (like I know some of you do), you should visit this site. Maybe even chuck in a few coins if you can spare them.

heolstor-hof, n.n: a dark dwelling, hell. (HEH-ol-stor-HOFF / ˈhɛɔl-stɔr-ˌhɔf) This week’s Wordhord Wednesday post is on St Helena’s discovery of the True Cross. Read it on Patreon. Carrow Psalter; England (East Anglia), c. 1250; Walters Art Museum, W. 34, f. 28v. [art.thewalters.org]


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